A cross between a cunt and a twat, derogative.
"Yeah, my ex is a fucking twunt."
by phillyd00d May 13, 2006
An amusing amalgam of twat and cunt, tending towards the meaning of the former.
Harnk, you're such a silly twunt
by realhandshandy January 27, 2003
Noun. Describes a woman who's such a twat and a cunt that she's actually a mutation of the two, a big, fat, hairy, smelly twunt. Like a cancer, twunts are becoming an epidemic.
That fuckin twunt wouldn't stop bitching all morning. Who the fuck jams that much sand into their pussy before coming to work, anyway? I mean, FUCK... I should've just fuckin punched the fuckin whore. just shut the fuck up already.
by manos5150 January 16, 2007
A bit more than a twat but not quite a cunt
Your an absolute Twunt
by Thomas McGowan June 06, 2006
a mix between the insult "twat" and "cunt"
that guys a twunt!!!
by Lewis Kennedy June 02, 2006
A twat and a cunt, and also doubles as the affectionately used term for the two major universities in Denton, Texas. (Texas Women's University and University of North Texas, otherwise known by their acronyms as TWU and UNT.) As a result of the various meanings this word can take on in the context of a sentence, one must clarify whether the term is being used as a vulgarity or as the combined acronym.
I'm going down to the TWUNT area, I'll see you around noon.
by Miss Lasers March 13, 2006
The cross between a cunt and a twat
She is a fucking twunt.
by WTF!!Doctor February 28, 2006

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