Top Definition
A polite way of saying dead.
My great-great grandfather is deceased.
by Dylan Coolidge August 06, 2006
Recently Dead.
my mom is deceased and so is my dad.
by Disappointing April 11, 2016
cool, rad, hip, or sick
something that is just awesome
John: I am going on a European tour this whole summer.

Evert: That is so deceased!!!
by Arthur Finkelton June 14, 2009
a dead person usualy of the sex of male or female and or shim/ she/ he or trans. umm and other catergories like women born with penis lol =) but no realy umm a dead person found in the obituarys on beetlejuice =) k love ya bye
THat trans is so deceased.
by wthyoumofo March 12, 2009
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