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The epitome of stupid.
You don't need one if you've seen "Glenn Beck" on FOX.
#stupid #conservative #bullshit #liar #etc. etc.
by greenpeas September 12, 2009
A bunch of repressive, middle to upper-class bitches. They always live in those Suburban neighborhoods, they are almost always a conservative republican, or conservative democrat. Soccer Moms are the reason for all of the useless censorship rules. They are snotty, rude, arrogant, and bitchy. They usually drive huge-ass SUVS, which they load their "precious, adorable, awesome, and better than everyone else" brat kids into every weekday for some kind of sport. A soccer-mom basically lives through her kids, she has them out doing all of the things she wanted to do as a kid. Her husband is never home, because his wife is such a repressive bitch, and won't have sex with him because she's afraid the kids will here them. Thus, he screws his secretary. A Soccer Mom will not allow her kids to watch any movies over the rating PG. She usually is involved with PTA meetings, and does snack days, is selective with who her kids can be around, and who they can't.
Soccer Moms fail.
#soccer #mom #censorship #paranoid #bitch #snob
by greenpeas August 19, 2009
A crazy-ass fat Twihard that has posted retarded videos on Youtube. Most of her videos consist of her contradicting herself, pointless ranting, and screaming about something Twilight related.
She even bashes the great horror fiction writer Stephen King in one of her videos, claiming he had no right to say what he said about Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Sue, self-insert, shit series called Twilight.
#twihard #obsessed #smeyer #fat #youtube
by greenpeas November 26, 2009
Okay, to start, there is a huge difference between preteen and tween.
Preteen: Someone between the ages of 9 and 13
Tween: A little girl, who thinks that she's an teenager because she's wearing a training bra, and she continues to act like a child.

When their favorite Disney channel stars, like Miley, start taking pictures in bikinis {which is what every other teenage girl has done,} they become "slutty." Then, they move on to a new "role model." Their newest role model is Selena Gomez, but she'll "screw up" eventually, and they'll find another "role model" Disney markets to them.

These girls want to shop at either:
Abercrombie: Because it's "hip."
Hot Topic: Because it's totally "emo punk"

These girls strive to be cool, and will latch on to the latest trend.
They also have myspaces, with a bunch of fake pictures they stole from photobucket.
Basically a marketing audience for companies like Disney.
Britney, a tween, told mom that she hated Hannah Montana now, because she's become trampy. Her new "awesome" role model is Selena Gomez, because she's cute and innocent. Next week she told mom that she still liked Selena, but Gerard Way from MCR is totally "emo punk," and she wants to go to hot topic to buy their merchandise, so she'll be "emo punk" too!
#tween #mcr #miley cyrus #selena gomez #marketing
by greenpeas August 19, 2009
One of the worst bands ever formed in the history of the world.

An insult to music, these assholes are worshiped by 12-year-old girls worldwide, who will "attack" you on the internet if you insulted the "perfect Jonas hotties."

Their attacks consist of:

They are typical Disney boy band shit, that deserves to die.
The Jonas Brothers are the worst band in history.
#jonas brothers #12 #preteen #bitch #disney
by greenpeas August 19, 2009
See: bitch
Sarah Palin = a stuck up anti-human rights bitch.
#palin #bitch #sarah #2008 #gop
by greenpeas August 19, 2009
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