a silly concept, contrary to popular belief is not constant. It slows down outside a bathroom door, but inside is going at a much faster pace.

Is also stretched when one is bored
"I was doing my business in the bathroom and when i had finished I found that time had passed alot faster outside and that Urban dictionary had taken over the world, shame really."
by slanted view September 25, 2009
A popular rapper from Denver, Colorado. Time is also in the hip-hop group Calm. He has worked with Kool Keith, C-Rayz Walz and Sole.
Time is a hip-hop artist.
by JMans July 08, 2009
a code word for marijuana
we need to buy some time
by cakehoe July 13, 2008
Any action between a guy or a girl that involves flirting or sexual references.
Zach: I was talkin to ashley last night and she told me the color of her underwear and said she wanted me to finger her. Geoff: Thats time man, thats time.
by Z.Reich April 06, 2008
a bird native to all of the universe that flys very fast when it is having fun but when you hav something to look foward to it rides on a tortoise. a cousin of the cukoo bird family.

1. Time bit me yesterday.
2. Let's go hunting for time.
by cunderthunt March 03, 2008
time is an illusion.. it never stops.. its the rate at which we're going through space.
time does not stop.. time is an illusion
by lisazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz April 30, 2007
noune, the. A rather abstract idea, also called the fourth dimension. Unlike other shortages, a lack of time tends to be welcome for anyone who is not lacking it as the person who is short of time cannot find the time to annoy the people with enough time all the time. However, excess demand can be eliminated by taxing time, so it becomes more expensive and people must spend time wondering how much they want to spend on their time, which costs them time incl. the time tax.
I spend rather a lot of time on thinking about time, its definition and why the fourth dimension cannot be chocolate cheese cake!
by -=DoC=- April 22, 2007

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