noune, the. A rather abstract idea, also called the fourth dimension. Unlike other shortages, a lack of time tends to be welcome for anyone who is not lacking it as the person who is short of time cannot find the time to annoy the people with enough time all the time. However, excess demand can be eliminated by taxing time, so it becomes more expensive and people must spend time wondering how much they want to spend on their time, which costs them time incl. the time tax.
I spend rather a lot of time on thinking about time, its definition and why the fourth dimension cannot be chocolate cheese cake!
by -=DoC=- April 22, 2007
A slang term to be used in public in place of "marijuana" "pot" etc.

"Do you have any time?"
by Ali F July 18, 2006
the passing of moments mesured in hours and minutes and so on
the time now is 2:00
by cheesey baby June 26, 2005
*New York Times. A newspaper company now recognized for being a bunch of liars.

*A set of events, et-cetera. The times also dictate the overall future of things.
MICHAEL MOORE : "Yeah my Farenheit 9/11 movie was made through all this research *blah blah blah* I was even reading the times and *blah blah blah*."
Mr. LETTERMAN : "Yeah but uh, the times--"

"Politicians and governments don't determine who's tomorrow's enemy."
"Then who does?"
"The times."
by Dave September 09, 2004
While very important in keeping track of the events that happen during the day, not important enough to pound on that.
I don't pound on the time.
by Todd May 18, 2004
taking ages, ages ago
i havent been to blackpool for time OR my nan is time old
by tom and steve October 25, 2003
Very similar to spung, without the green aura.
"Damn, spung has a much greener aura than times"
by weaver October 14, 2003

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