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verb: The act of surreptitiosly texting under a table with one hand.
My students thought they were getting away with something because they were texterbating their friends during class.
by Justin Jensen April 04, 2006
verb -

texting (such as on a cellular phone) continually while in the company of others, ignoring said company.
I went home on winter break to see my family, and my little sister was just texterbating the whole time. I barely got to talking to her.
by uncarvedblock89 July 09, 2010
To text yourself
I was trying to fit in by texting but my classmates caught on that I was I really don't have any friends...
by PharmD13 July 09, 2010
Masturbating to cyber sex texts.
texting Girl: Oh OH!!!

(GUY starts texterbating in real life)
by ild94 April 05, 2009
texterbating is sexually suggestive banter carried out between cyberhorndogs!
hey bro ive been texterbating with clair for 3 days im ready for a nap!
by shiningfame March 07, 2012
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