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verb -

to text (as on a cellular phone) while in the company of others, ignoring all else.
I thought about asking my friend Tom to go to the movies with us, but I knew he'd just sit next to me and texterbate the whole time.
by uncarvedblock89 July 10, 2010
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(v) texting your own self dirty messages that get you off.
Friend: who are you texting?

You: myself, for texterbating later when I'm drunk... you know? texterbate.
by SAE Poncho June 13, 2010
When someone texts you at an ungodly hour with a provocative or friendly text. There is the high possibility, that they are masterbating to your texts. This includes long pauses between texts when you are perplexed that they respond so slowly.
Last night Bubba sent me a texterbate at like 11:30 pm, just to say hey. What an idiot.
by really99 May 13, 2014

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