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verb -

to text (as on a cellular phone) while in the company of others, ignoring all else.
I thought about asking my friend Tom to go to the movies with us, but I knew he'd just sit next to me and texterbate the whole time.
by uncarvedblock89 July 10, 2010
verb -

texting (such as on a cellular phone) continually while in the company of others, ignoring said company.
I went home on winter break to see my family, and my little sister was just texterbating the whole time. I barely got to talking to her.
by uncarvedblock89 July 09, 2010
The strange and sad phenomena that every currently or formerly drug-addled chav, wankster, or kid in treatment/NA that ever sold a couple of dubs of schwag to his buddies seems to be affected by; that he was some major drug dealer or big player in the game of his (usually hick) town.
My kid brother seems to think that because he sold a few of his classmates some of his ritalin he's now Tony Montana. He's obviously suffering from the Scarface Delusion.
by uncarvedblock89 February 16, 2011
noun -

a temporary (but varyingly frequent) condition of the brain, often incorrectly referred to as a brain fart (farting implies expulsion, which is the opposite of the occuring situation), in which one is attempting to speak but the thought refuses to move from the bowels of the brain to be expelled by the mouth.
1 - I was attempting to explain what happened to my bff, but had one of those all-too-common instances of brainstipation.

2 - I was trying to do my presentation in front of the class from memory, but had total brainstipation and clusterfucked it.
by uncarvedblock89 July 10, 2010
The frustrated feeling women (and men) get from having sexual advances made on/toward them by men whom God and nature have decided are too old to be having sex but thanks to the wonders of modern medicine can continue to get their cadaverous components erect for decades.
Me and my friends were out clubbing and got pretty viagravated from guys our fathers' ages trying to get in our pants.
by uncarvedblock89 January 17, 2011
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