The rich man's Wal-Mart
Why go to Target when you can get the same thing cheaper at Wal-Mart
by The Omnipresence December 12, 2003
Target is a place where the LODS dont care about team members and fire you for no apparent reason other than listening to rumors that are not true and if you dont obey their every command shame on you!! they promise you hours then screw with your schedule and write you up for talking too much on the walkie? wow also the cafe/pizza hut express is a joke all departments keep a communication log aka. bitch fest basically the team leader tells the team they are worthless in this book " why did you do that" or " am i the only one who does anything?"
I worked at Target for nearly 2 years and was terminated for apparently giving food away. and eating behind the counter of the food court. well first of all I never gave anything away and second they fired like a dozen people on the same day, for stupid reasons Target Sucks! and if you dont work there you dont want to.. AMEN!
by coffee101 February 10, 2010
A place that prides itself in being better than Wal-Mart when in actuality, it may be worse. It's a cult. At your orientation, they make you watch a 45 minute anti-Union spiel because the Union would only let you do your job, instead of making you juggle 10 tasks at a time. They have stupid Target speak. Not only do they insist on calling managers "team leads" and non-managerial employees "team members" they insist on abbreviating it to "TL" or "TM." In fact, everything has a stupid abbreviation and you never know what the hell one of your "TL"'s is talking about when they say, "Meet the GSTL at TSE." It's not enough to be a polite and competent employee to your customers. You must push Target credit or debit cards on them and talk to them about their purchases. For all you "guests" who think Target is somehow more ethical or upscale than Wal-Mart, wake up! They pay minimum wage, never really give full-time, don't give employees benefits, and all that crap in the Dollar Zone is made in some sweat shop in China. And you aren't getting some great deal from the Dollar Zone either! It's cheap, useless, plastic crap you didn't need or even really want.
I just went to Target and spent $120 on items from the Dollar Zone. Now I have 40 Star Wars To-Do lists, 40 Hello Kitty pens that don't write, and 40 Superman tumblers that are made with a grade of plastic known to be carcinogenic. When I made the purchase the cashier wouldn't stop trying to push a Target credit card on me. Then her boss pulled her to the side, said it was time for a "team huddle" and yelled at her in a bunch of abbreviations and told her she wasn't "fast, fun, and friendly" for not successfully selling me, the "guest," the card.
by redkhakinightmare October 10, 2010
A simple corner store that evolved into a giant corrupt company. With thousands of stores across the USA and its low pricing and selling techniques it already runs opposing businesses to the ground but Target also manufactures its products in China using its cheap labor to gain profit and forcing other companies to be unable to compete with the low prices due to cheap labor in China. Once companies who manufacture in America cannot compete and go bankrupt becuase of Target the Target builds ontop of it therefor further monopolizing America. Ran by conservative christians who believe they are doing the right thing but when you really look at it they are using cheap labor with its cruel workplaces and terrible conditions and monopolizing America with thousands of stores running other businesses to the ground. If these are "Christian" morals and beliefs America is in deep shit.
Target holds cult-type rallies in giant stadiums full of supporters and executives who chant for Target and its owners in such ways as North Korea celebrates their brave leader Kim Jong Il.
by path of mankind August 08, 2006
Overprice cheap goods superstore, food court always smell funny, Guest Experience Team Executive is a cussin' sailor that loves to threaten employees, smokin' half of his work period, and bitchin' out all employee that actual work, HR does not accept you are quitting without a fight, but will not let you finish training. At least a dozen new team members every two weeks. Management that love breaking all OSHA and labor laws possible.
Target are run by nazis that treat all non-management employee like shit.
by strange from the sandhills October 02, 2007
If you live in the U.S.A., there is a good chance you know what "target" is. Target is a store that robs teenagers through the ages of 16 and 18 of their free time that could be used on what they want to do. Target also does not care about employee-well-being. They don't give a flying fuck if your sick, No No, your already on the schedule. we would not want to anger another employee to cover your shift because your sick. I happen to work at target, and let me tell sucks. People have a hissy fit and shit their pants when you put chips on top and bread on the bottom. and that mother fucking red card is pushed on all customers. Yes not guest, CUSTOMERS! Just do your self a good favor, Do not sign the employee contract, you are practically selling your soul to the devil doing so.
Joey: Hey bob, i heard you got a job at target!

Bob: Yeah i did, and it sucks ass! we are forced to call people "guests"

Joey: How is that so ba...

Bob: BECAUSE, The last time i checked, Target is a grocery store, not a fucking hotel. Do you see people sleeping in the coolers and dressing rooms?

Joey: Bu...


Joey: *Shocked* But i helped you get a job there!

Bob: Fuck you and target, you suck up. go be the managers bitch!
by Screwthaman1265 March 25, 2011
A company where the bitchy "guests" are treated like gods and the hard working "leaders" are treated like shit. (Like a religious cult. "Leaders".)
When you work at Target you must understand that breaks are 15 minutes, not 14 minutes.
Honestly, it's common sense.
You must also understand that there is NO overtime.
Target employee: Hurhurhur I'm so cool I work in the games department and get to hold the keys that unlock the Wii games!!!!
Ex Target employee: You've been brainwashed by Satan's... err I mean Target's shittiness.
by JonasBrothersAreMyLifeSTFU August 24, 2009

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