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C.M.S = Cock Meat Sandwhich
CMS = the act of sucking ones dick
You better get hungry real quick because you got CMS waiting...
by Rome757 August 18, 2008
Accronym for "Content Management System".
Mambo, a customizable CMS is free, but a pain to install.
by The Master September 20, 2004
The worst school district in the world. There are no funds to do anything constructive or help students to do well. Their are too many students and not enough teachers. This results in large class sizes, so students do not get any kind of individual attention whatsoever. There are only two levels of courses. Honors, for the gifted students, and standard for the students who are really stupid or do not try. There are no courses for the average, middle of the road person who WANTS to learn.The lunchrooms are disgusting, the food is cheap, and unhealthy. They also feed the students old, expired food that should be thrown out.The restrooms are just as awful. There is writing all over the stalls, and you're lucky if you have toilet paper, or soap to wash your hands with. At almost all of the schools, fights are a common thing. Students come to class with wepons, drugs, and god only knows what else. Never send your child to a CMS school. It is the fast track to failure.
Student 1: "I hate CMS." Student 2: "I know! I'm failing all of my classes because I was sick with food poisoning from the garbage they serve for lunch. None of my teachers will help me get caught up!" Student 1:"You're fucked."
by Mother Fletcher August 28, 2010
Check My Status. When someone asks you what you mean, but you've just said it in your FB or other social networking site status.
Lacee: Did you see it on TV?

Vivianne: What the fuck are you talking about?

Lacee: CMS!!!
by Xina Serene September 25, 2011
Cost Minimizing Strategy, sometimes can refer to Cost Maximizing Strategy, but mostly for minimizing.
I love CMS. It explains so much of economics.
by twinkiesforlife November 20, 2009
Chronic Masturbation Syndrome-Having and giving into the urge of masturbating all the tiimmmeeee until its to the point of it being unhealthy.
Brian u have cms. theres no excuse for having a jizz carpet in your den nd white stains on your computer chair cmon dude.Brian: NO I DONT U GUYS R SO GAY. Look you need help and if its an intervention that you need tthats what its ganna have to be because brian theres always help.
by Christian Vulpis March 25, 2010
stands for Cock Meat Sandwich, its a term used to deter another guy from being gay
If you keep watching me I'm gonna give you a CMS
by DamiBS(DBS) January 06, 2012
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