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The baddest mother fucker in the Star Wars Universe.
Nobody messes with the Fett.
by Wesuvius January 26, 2007
German word for fat.
Often also used as an expression for cool, great, awesome,... (mainly by youths)
Das Konzert war echt fett!
The concert was really awesome!
by Rapalot July 17, 2005
1. Indeed the baddest mothafuckers in the star wars galaxy; Bobba and Jango Fett

Ex. Fett just blasted 2 bros!

2. German word for milk fat bastardized as an exclamation of dominance or as a statement of the largeness of a person..

That guy is fett HAHA

Peter: lets go to the park. Mike: FETT! (no)
by zigzagtdot February 25, 2013
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