Vey Simple,Target is a retailer, Wal-Mart's pimp, and its red for a's Hell
Target(Red)(pimp)= Hell


Wal-Mart(blue)(hoe)= Uranus

by Daniel Prosser October 31, 2007
A store that is totally better than stupid Wal- Mart...their food isn't right by their clothing and it doesn't smell like old bananas... It is what I call an upscale Wal-mart
Since I would never be caught in Wal-Mart I go to Target...
by Ry Michelle L S April 07, 2010
The Hardest thing to hit in the toilet. (When you are peeing)
I didn't get the target! The whole floor is wet.
by Flurbneeger July 30, 2010

The spastic society changed their name to SCOPE. Scopes sit on top of sniper rifles, which point out targets. Hence, targets - spastics.

Also the fact that they cant run fast makes them easier targets
"Check out those targets"
by Azrepheal March 21, 2005
That corner of the street where all the hookers are. It's called target.
Damn look, it's a target, get out yo bb gun bro!
by MrHonkay April 30, 2011
The reason that there is a God
I love target! i wish it was your mom, cause then i could have sex with it for free!
by Quagdingo October 27, 2009
Target is a real estate company in Bavaro, Punta Cana and Higuey, Dominican Republic.
Run by the most trusted people.
Target helps you get the very best properties in real estate.
by Luis Padua February 20, 2009

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