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A place, like Wal-Mart, which tends to mistreat its employees with their stupid 40 hour rule. Meaning, we work forty hours and then we automatically have to go home. No matter if it's Wednesday and we need to work till Friday or not. Thereby screwing over those who have to work the whole week, pushing our duties onto them as well as their own and expecting them to get everything done within the set task time, which is always rediculously low. No overtime for us. Nope nope. That would be criminal, wouldn't it? I say that Target employees should be able to work over forty hours a week if they want to. They don't have to be paid overtime, just the regular wage. Don't these people realize we got families to feed, rent to pay, all that crap? Or do they give a crap?

Oh, and a place where opportunities for advancement are waved about like a carrot in your face before employment, thereby enticing unsuspecting people into their fold, and then mysteriously vanish upon employment.
Target worker to LOD (that's Leader on Duty, for those not in the know): When I was hired on here, I was told that there were plenty of chances to train for advancement and I have yet to see any of those chances. Now, was that the truth or was it just a bunch of Target...oops, I mean bullshit?
by Nope nope August 28, 2005
Target is store where if you last the first 90 days, you'll be stuck there for years. They will shaft you for money every chance they get, they will dock your base rate if you transfer, they will fuck up your check and not tell you, and when you want to get the money back, its to late. and don't look to the HR to get it back either. They work for the company and tell you they cannot do anything about it (which is a lie).
I worked at target for 5yrs and now I have a herniated disk. but Im a level one so my crappy insurance wont cover shit. Fuck you Becky at 1194 you two faced droppy dog lookin beoch. You will die miserable and pitiful. YA thats right wig hairs.
by BVL September 26, 2006
A corrupt, greedy corporation that prides itself on neglecting their employees while focusing all their efforts on guest experience, PR relations and embracing diversity. The job turnover rate is always high, morale is low and you get a nickel and dime raise every year for your dedication and hard work. They even dare say their wages are competitive with other retailers! Competitive with what, minimum wage?  Can you work overtime to compensate? No, No Target cannot afford that expense since they’re a multi-billion dollar corporation, it’s impossible! The corporate execs need that money to buy more cars, yachts and mansions. The workers at the store level are undervalued and underappreciated and their daily huddles belittles your esteem when you hear “WE MADE 120K YESTERDAY AND 5 MILLION THIS YEAR SO FAR AND YOUR GETTING MIN WAGE AND SUB-PAR BENEFITS”. It’s a simple concept most know, how you treat your employees affects how they treat your guests….and the poorest treatment is Target’s forte. Your job title is always inconsistent, the schedule of hours is bias and you’re always being micro-managed by the execs and team leads doing tons of tasks with little time. Their PR front is a shady, deceptive scam trying so hard to please every ethnic group, caring about their communities, and empowering you to make them the best company ever! Just a false front to brainwash you into believing they care when in reality, they want all your money….their laughing all the way to bank when you give into their propaganda. It’s all about making their corporate image look attractive while finding more ways to rip off their employees…and to say that conservative christians run target, huh? God save the U.S.A
person 1: I wanna work at target!person 2: ahhh no, i wanna scream!
by disgruntled ex-employee June 14, 2008
1.) Target is a corrupt store, that pushes workers to unreachable limits. The average worker keeps his job for 1 day to 30 days, before being fired or quits. Employee moral is always low, other workers pressure new comers to leave if the college option is open to them. Target employees have to call customers: guests, co-workers: team members, boss: leader, and put on a fake smile every day. There's two divisions of Target's work force. You work 40 hours a week and no more, over time can result in termination or time cut the following week.

Dayside: Working 10AM-12AM Dayside deals with guests, zones isles, get's harassed, and sells products. Day side always needs to be on their toes if a guest hits the infamous red box of doom in the isles. Day side needs to know the store or have their ass chewed out by Team Leaders. Day side gets fucked into 15 minute breaks, and the second highest fire rate in the store. Dayside hates the over night team.

Overnight: Where I work, and single handedly the longest 8 hours (plus) one can work at Target. You're locked in the store, and must stock the entire place in 8 hours. Including backstock. The night begins with the line, putting boxes that come off the line onto pallets then bowling those into aisles. After that you take break, then start pushing the isles. Take break, work, then leave. During this time bosses are everywhere telling you to hustle, and riding your ass. Overnight has the highest quit/fire rate in Target. No point in knowing people who join, they wont be there long enough.

Employees: Low moral, low self-esteen individuals, who are doomed to target. What they did in their life couldn't have been that bad to get this. If you have college options avaliable, take them. Your fellow employees pressure you to quit so you can avoid the agony of Target. Most people there are either people fresh from prison, or are 18-20 and have X* amount of kids.

*Any number between 1 and 8.
Target sucks, I spent my week's 40 hours in 2 days, now I get to suck dick to help pay for my house.
by DisgruntledTargetEmployee August 20, 2006
Target has High Quality items for th customers, but its Hell for the employees. Now they have this fricken machine there that a customer or "guest" presses and it pages you and you have to be there in 30 seconds. I was on lunch break and I went to subway to eat and they paged me and I didn't make it back in time and so they give you this little red target post it thing that says what we need to improve on. i aldso got 10 bucks off my paycheck for that. As soon as Im done savng 1000 Im getting out of that hell hole.
Oh wow now I work at target. Goody goody.
by Mika Johnson December 20, 2005
A more upscale version of Walmart. Thoroughly evil, it is run by people who are absolutely obsessed with getting more and more people to sign up for the Target VISA.

See Red & Khaki Hell
For the last time, I don't want a Target VISA.
by Ride the Bomb January 23, 2004
the correct way to spell Target if you want to pretend that it is a French store, or at least not too low class, like saying Jacques Pennay for JC Penney. A store that is perceived to be slightly upscale from WalMart.
I see that you are a Targét snob since you won't shop at WalMart.
I got these nifty plastic doodads over at Targét.
I drove over from the trailer park to Targét to get some new Depends because mine were worn out.
I find the hot girls shop at Targét and they are looking to hook up with dudes, but get your shots first...
by adam_before_eve December 14, 2005