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She is honest and will tell you like it is and only those that she truly cares about get the honesty with sugar coating. Once she wants something or someone, she’s like a bulldog…digs her teeth in until she gets what she wants or an answer as to why she can’t have it. She is adventurous and always looking to find new things to explore. She doesn’t want much out of life. Just enough money to be comfortable, a job that doesn’t bore her and a man that likes to explore with her. She has a brain that doesn’t shut down. She’s always good to keep a conversation going and really good at getting people to tell her the things they don’t share with others. She can be trusted to keep what she knows to herself and to know when not to ask.
"Hey you don't have to tell me what happend last night. It really isn't any of business, but just know I'm here for you". Joette said.
"No, I know I can trust you. First, he said....". Person who usually keeps to themselves.
by crafty13 August 30, 2010
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