A tattoo located on the lower back as a place to ejaculate on by males when finishing sexual intercourse in the doggystyle position. Tattoo is common with strippers and porn stars.
The girl with a cum target always has one thing on her mind
by L.A. July 15, 2004
the comunist company
i hate target
by syd February 01, 2004
an organization that wastes perfectly good tallented and dedicated people by telling them lies about "OPPORTUNITY". they should be ashamed of themselves for picking up on people that are "OPEN MINDED". This must be a synenim for "stupid" in target executive language. If so, they are sadly mistaken.
"your stupid enough, er, I ment, dedicated enough to meet our goals today I see".
by CHRISNXR March 15, 2004
A glib term used by submariners to describe all other ships that merely float on the surface of the water.
Submariner: What do you call the boats in the Pacific Navy fleet that are about to head out to sea?

Master Chief: Targets.
by The Troll August 04, 2005
A store that you'll get decent pay but have to deal with stuck up, snotty bitches thinking they can make you the gopher(go for this-go for that) chump. Also being more over priced than Walmart for shitty, break the next day items. Nickname: "Tarzshay" used by Target frequenters who like to make it sounds like they are going somewhere more important.
I'm sorry, I have a 1:30 appointment at Tarzshay...
by BigNRichCowgirl January 06, 2005
a stupid ass store which whenever i try to shop in or pick somthin up there i get bombared by old men trying to get me to sign up for a target visa who wont let me leave the store without trying to stop me or pursuading me to get their stupid card. Body guards stand at the entrance and exits .
target is stupid dont go there
by bingy February 23, 2005
A temporary causal flirt buddy/ eye candy, who may or may not become a crush.
"Have you found a new target, yet?"

"Is he your new target?"
by Brenda NT May 23, 2008

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