The opposite of heads, and the half-opposite of the mysterious side.
I flipped a coin, and it was tails.
by n/a August 09, 2003
Ass, not necessarily referring to it in a sexual way, although that's possible too.
Get off your tails and do something.
by I'mAnonymous February 05, 2008
A two tailed Kitsune sega charactor.And one of the greatest charactors in sega history.He has A high I.Q. and wants to be just like a certain blue hedgehog we all know.If you don't.look in this dictionary under sonic.
Tails Is a Sega charactor.
by Aaron the wolf April 18, 2003
Full name: Miles Prower.
Best friend of Sonic the Hedgehog.
A two-tailed Kitsune whom follows Sonic around, usually by flying either by using his namesake twin tails as a propellor, or with his own airplane, the "Tornado", which he built himself using parts stolen from Robotnik.
Despite being only 8 years old, he already has an IQ of around 300.
As much as Sonic loves to travel at immense speeds, Tails loves to travel through the skies.
by H Hog May 06, 2003
tail! it's the opposite of head, and synonymous with "ass"
I sure would like to get some tail tonight.
by what? June 17, 2000
The second best video game character ever made, and I agree to Miles "Tails" Prower, who would think of a two tailed fox anyway?
The 2 tailed fox who is in all the sonic games made.
by Young_Kitsune August 01, 2003
Tails is Sonic's Friend. He is r0r0xs. Tails pwn over KN in ize irc!
Tails is a good boy!
by Tails March 12, 2005

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