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To tail is a verb used to say follow. Most used when following someone using a vehicle.
Tail that guy! Our boss wants to find out where he lives.
by Laureenz May 04, 2011
49 23
Sonic the hedgehogs sidekick

A little brown 2 tailed fox

A very clever little chap who's good with mechanical things

Probably a stoner now due to being easily influenced

Can use his 2 tails to fly
TAILS: Hey! I heard smoking was bad for you

GROUNDER: No it's not! Try it

TAILS: Cough! Wow, you're right! This green tobacco is the shit!
by Fox JK August 14, 2006
48 28
A two tailed kitsune his real name is miles prower. With an I.Q around 300 he even be smarter than eggman,also sonic's sidekick and bestfriend tails even has his own miniseries he has an airplane called the tornado 2.
Even though there isn't much evidence I think tails and cream like each other but that's just my opion.
by colton May 07, 2004
46 25
1. Noun, The car or police car who is following you, or chasing you in a car.

2. Verb, To chase someone in a car.

3. Verb, To slowly, and secretly follow someone in their car by driving behind them.
1. "Dude, lose that tail or I'm going to pop shots out the window at em'!"

2. "Alrighty, that's it, I'm done messin' around, let's tail that dude's ass!"

3. "Let's see where they're headed. Tail em' slowly."
by Jeff S. May 29, 2005
104 87
Tails is Sonic's Best Friend. He is r0r0rs. He pwns over KN in invisionize IRC #lobby
Tails is a good boy.. ^_^
by Tails March 12, 2005
38 22
Talk about it later.
A: Hey I saw that movie you were talking about.
B: I have to go let's t.a.i.l.!
by Cyborg Tm June 26, 2007
8 1
The last few hours that a bar is open, especially on a 21st birthday when the drinking legally started at midnight.
Bill - "Dude you wanna hit the bar at midnight and get shwasted?"

Steve - "Hell ya man I'm down for tails."
by TheLateNightSneakyUncle August 29, 2010
6 1