From the children's show Eureka's Castle, it was an expression used by the dragon when things were knocked over by his tail, which had a mind of its own.
by Cassandra, Christina November 10, 2004
Can you give me the 'tails of the event on Saturday?
by horton_whom November 16, 2009
Tails is the most attractive video game character ever made, many people masturbate and or have dreams about him.
I had this dream last night Tails fucked my ass. I woke up with sticky sheets.
by Ness the Yiffy Fox March 25, 2005
The THC crystals collected from grounded marijuana used to top a bowl smoking a Comet. Used in the expression "Comets and Tails" refering to the act of combining the 'Comets' and 'Tails' for smoking a marijuana extraction alternative.
Wanna do some Comets and Tails? Let's smoke some Comets and Tails. Got any Comets and Tails?
by Taylor Britton August 26, 2007
Acronym for "talk about it later". Typically used as a verb.
"You see the game last night? Shit was SO cash."

"Yeah, can't discuss it now, though. We'll tail over tea and crumpets at my abode."
by KimDongIll December 19, 2011
To talk about it later
Shut up Dave, lets TAIL it...
by TreeInBud December 21, 2010
(verb) Having to play as Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, dispite the fact that Tails only follows Sonic's movement; giving the illusion of gameplay. It is usually a ditch effort on the behalf of fustrated elder siblings.
When I used to bug my older brother for the sega, he'd put on Sonic and tails me. It took around 3 years for me to figure it out; I'd even tails my own friends!
by Bruce Springsteen McCambell August 30, 2010

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