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(adj) Out of prison before the end of the sentence, but still required to report regularly to the authorities.
Yo be on parole!
by Fangsta December 15, 2003
In reference to a married or co-habitating couple, on parole refers to when one's spouse or partner is out of town, leaving the other person to temporarily live a pseudo-single life style, wasting time and money in an orgy of short-lived freedom. Often characterized by the person hanging out with his or her single friends, that have probably not been contacted in a long time. Also refered to as a jail break.
Dude, Sally is out of town. So John is on parole! He wants us to hit up the titty-bars every night this week!
by Houman February 01, 2006
When something good happens and you are exited.
"Dude, my manager let me off early i am so on parole!"
by Amberface May 01, 2004