(verb) Having to play as Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, dispite the fact that Tails only follows Sonic's movement; giving the illusion of gameplay. It is usually a ditch effort on the behalf of fustrated elder siblings.
When I used to bug my older brother for the sega, he'd put on Sonic and tails me. It took around 3 years for me to figure it out; I'd even tails my own friends!
by Bruce Springsteen McCambell August 30, 2010
The amount of time left on a prison sentence that can be served by someone on parole, if their parole is revoked.
My P.O. says I got a 20 year tail on this sentence.
by The Man83 February 11, 2010
A member on PPT.
Tails rocks!
by Tails... Miles... whatever =P August 30, 2003
a yaoi lovers dream =^_^=
i wanna grope tails!
by firewolf73 February 23, 2004
A bad siege player. Blows up speeders to gain points.
Man, Tails is really bad at siege!
by dollarfiveo February 05, 2005
to carry something
I'm carrying my bags to the airport -->
I'm tailing my bags to the airport
by Alexy McAlex February 21, 2008
(noun) money, especially that which is borrowed or given as a loan.
"Dude, lend me some tail... I gotta get me somethin to eat."
by Shred Rey November 29, 2007

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