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When a person is snuffed and given cement shoes then thrown in a body of water ie: an ocean, a lake or river.
Girlfriend: If I ever find out you cheat on me you'll swim with the fish.

Boyfriend: I love you too much to endanger you with some bitches std's.
by Smoking hot 1966 Cadillac September 25, 2014
action in accordance with some specified standard or authority, typically that of "The Man"; ie - conforming.
swim with the fishes? I rather be a bitch, nitch!
by MC Taboo October 19, 2006
V. To ejaculate onto an unsuspecting victim's pillow, usually for personal amusement or revenge, causing the sleeper's pillow to smell like jizz/fish.
1. Dude, I caught Jenkins rubbing his nutsack on your Xbox controller.
2. Gross, tonight I'll make sure he will swim with the fishes.
1. Nasty.
by Babkat April 04, 2011
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