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After that fool started talking hella shit, i SNUFFED his ass and he was laide out...
by Stylez September 16, 2003
212 65
The act of layin some nigga flat out for a good reason or no reason at all.
"Yo did you peep that shit?"
"That nigga just got coold snuffed"
by Craig WiIliams February 28, 2005
93 30
v. To get the shit knocked outta you or someone else.
"Yo, that nigga was runnin his mouth and he snuffed"
"Yea they said that yo ass was next, so peace"
by C-Dub February 25, 2005
63 25
To punch or hit someone (usually in the face) for a good or for no reason at all.
Someone who got snuffed might or would say:

"I don't know why he fucking snuffed me but he's gonna catch it"
by SaraM1 January 07, 2008
45 15
v. To hit with immense force, most often with a punch;

This term is most often used by lower-class African Americans when two, or more, people engage in combat.
Dat nigga got skraight snuffed, cuz!

We 'bout to snuff dat nigga who dissed on you las' week!
by Ryan Allen November 14, 2004
33 24
The act of Bustin a Niggas Skull.
Yo Nigga Bucky got Snuffed the shit out of by davon.
by Colin Burton February 21, 2008
19 12
Get punched,ko..back a the head
Yo he took my chicken so i snuffed his ass after school..
by chivo1080 February 01, 2010
8 7