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Means that you have begun the process of entering an alcoholic beverage into your system. You are now ready to begin step two: drowning yourself in booze. After step two is complete you may feel very happy, and it might be a little hard to walk, you have now completed the process and you are officially drunk. Congratulations.
For Example: Sara was drinking, and felt buzzed and she heard a phone ringing, and picked it up but no one was there. Lacie and Becky told her she wasn't buzzin she was ringin. Kids if something like this happens to you, then you know you are ready to move to step two!
by Sara Forrest December 28, 2004
Those who do not often intake tobacco into their system may feel a "buzzed" feeling when smoking cigarettes, or when they take a fat lip of dip. The resulting "buzzed" feeling consists of a dizzy feeling or light-headedness.

When one consumes just enough alcohol or smokes just enough weed to make them feel a little inebriated or intoxicated.

The past-tense of the sound a flying insect makes.
Cigarettes are the shit man! I got buzzed as hell of that last Virginia Blend.

Host of the Party: Yo dude, you drunk yet?
That Guy: I've only had 2 shots and a beer, so i'm only a little buzzed.

That fucking bee just buzzed in my ear, let's fucking burn it.
by Dotseth April 25, 2008
This means you are kind of high. If your not quite high, then your buzzed.
by Root January 08, 2003
If your not completly drunk after drinking, but you still feel a bit drunk, than your buzzed.
It's another way to say tipsy
"Are you drunk?"
"Nah, I'm just buzzed"
by RIL2 June 04, 2008
an effect encountered after smoking various plants or drinking various alcoholic drinks
2 beers and I'm buzzed. I'm such a light-weight
by Bungalow Bill November 26, 2001
buzzed means short haircuts. not necessarily an alcohol or drugs reference.
His hair looks great when buzzed.
by beautifulkitten July 11, 2011
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