One of the best bands in my opinon
due play some motha fuckin sublime
by goooooooooogle bob September 20, 2006
Sublime is a great band from Long Beach, California..That are a reggae-ska-punkish feel they are great in my opinion but i hate when people hate of them callign them pop-rock
Sublime ownz, who cares if they are on the radio? i actully think people who think bands should stay indie all the time should fuck off..i sometimes wish Goldfinger and all werw Mainstream so i could listen to them on the radio..but i gotta put in a CD cuz of fags like you all who think going mainstream is selling out
by Bob January 30, 2005
sublime is possibly the greatest, most influencial, unforgetable, recognizable, and most talented bands of all time. they originated in the early 90s, but their time was sadly cut short when the lead singer, bradley nowell died of an accidental heroin over dose in 1996.

sublime is like no other band youve ever heard. its nearly impossible to categorize them into a genre, because they combine so many genres of music. its this beautiful combination that makes them so unbelievabley awesome.

sublime was and is a very drug-oriented band. which isnt a bad thing. weed, heroin, lsd, coke, thc, shrooms, etc... theyve done it all. but they mainly smoked herb, (brad) shot up heroin, and drank like there was no tommorow. if you are one to smoke, i highly reccomend listening to them while you toke up, they'll blow your mind. i guarentee. but you see, the guys of sublime were more then reckless, arrogant partyers. theyre a legend.

theyre musical and lyrical geniuses. theyre songs arent just about having sex and getting wasted. theyre about love, lonliness, and real life. nearly anyone can relate. sublime was, is, and always will be a legend. and they will never be forgotten.

highly reccomended songs include:
pool shark acoustic, new realization, chica me tipo, boss dj, slow ride, all you need, romeo, had a dat, falling idols, get ready, greatest hits, and waiting for my ruca. (there is no such thing as a bad sublime song.)

RIP. bradley nowell and lou dog. you are forever remembered.
Inna, who wrote her definition on Mar 8, 2005, should go get dysentery. "NIN" is not real music, sublime is. and if youre not down with sublime, youre not down with me.
by linzyyyy November 11, 2005
really good band, shame the lead singer died. heroin, bad drug. songs by sublime in my opinion are pool shark, what i got, sufer girl, santeria.
They did a couple of duos with no doubt such as 'saw red' and 'total hate'. their music is a mixture of punk, reggae and ska. great band.
clocks says half past one,
i have no sunglasses as i step into the sun,
there's no recollection of the evil things ive done,
my head feels like i must have had some fun,
what happened?
by rosella January 25, 2005
the best band ever,
goes beyond band,
a way of life,
words to listen to and listen to hard,
a good fuckin reason to do drugs...weed..,
not herion and od like the singer and die,
but the best shit to come out of LBC,

best period.
caress me down
what i got
40 oz
by sublime=love March 25, 2006
Best band in the history of time.
by budsmoker March 09, 2005
unbelievable band...

oh and to the guy who says going mainstream isnt sellin out, look at all the songs most (i made sure to say most) people put down as their favorite songs. what i got, wrong way, santeria, etc. this shows that sublime is left with the notion that they were popular for those songs and most people just hear those songs because they were on the radio. sadly, sometimes that is true and when they think of sublime, they think of what i got. i hate that. sublime was more than that and i find those songs to have less meaning than all of their other ones. i also hate it when they say sublime is their favorite band and they say one of those songs is their fav. song. and i actually enjoy having to put a cd in to listen to it so i don't pull up to a car at a red light and hear the exact same shit playing with some fag driving. So unless you like youre bands to be remembered for one song, then go mainstream like you said. no offense to the true fans of them on this site (i kno who u are by ur choice of songs)
Me rock the kinda reggae music right on time,
because your down with the band that they call Sublime, rIgHt?
by zulu February 04, 2005

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