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A FUCKING AMAZING band of the 90's.. lead singer brad nowell (died in 97). laid back and sang about real life shit. the most layed back feel good music ever.
if u dont like sublime ur crazy
by goodfuckinmusicman December 07, 2005
102 46
A real down ass band. Bradley Nowell, the lead guitar/singer, wrote amazing lyrics about stuff everyone can relate to and really brought out the laid back chill attitude of southern california. they're music is positive,real and unique. There has been no other band quite like them. They loved their dog Lou Dog.
Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Long Beach Dub Allstars, and Oar are all around because of SUBLIME.

by down ass bitch March 20, 2005
72 20
the band that changed my life! sublime is more than just a band with good music. its a life style a sub-culture in and of itself. ask any true sublime fan and they will tell you the same.
R.I.P Bradley
i know so much about this bad its rediculous song ever

and to whoever said brad died in rehab and in his apartment you need to do some more research...brad died hours after a live show he wasnt in his apartment and he wasnt in rehad at the time!!
by Chaseroo May 11, 2005
91 44
a sweet dub-raggae based band from long beach cal. no longer around because lead guy died of heroin o.d
sublime kicked my own moms ass
by fdafdfadff October 26, 2003
80 33
" I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints" I rest my case
by sublimerulez July 02, 2005
76 33
the coolest most laid back band ever. btw: pawn shop, jailhouse, garden grove, what i got, santeria, wrong way, burritos, april 29 1992
man lets put on some SUBLIME cuz they rule
by sublimerules September 01, 2003
67 24
The single most talented band to come out in the last ten years. cut down in thier prime due to an O.D. even today over ten years later the continue to be played almost daily on the radio.

C.D.s 40 oZ. to Freedom, Robbin Tha Hood, Second-hand Smoke, Bradley Noel & friends: Sublime Acoustic, Stand by Your Van, and last but certainly not least Sublime Self-Titled.
Sublime kicks so much ass, R.I.P. Brad.
by Topamonster January 15, 2006
66 28