the band that changed my life! sublime is more than just a band with good music. its a life style a sub-culture in and of itself. ask any true sublime fan and they will tell you the same.
R.I.P Bradley
i know so much about this bad its rediculous song ever

and to whoever said brad died in rehab and in his apartment you need to do some more research...brad died hours after a live show he wasnt in his apartment and he wasnt in rehad at the time!!
by Chaseroo May 11, 2005
a sweet dub-raggae based band from long beach cal. no longer around because lead guy died of heroin o.d
sublime kicked my own moms ass
by fdafdfadff October 26, 2003
" I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints" I rest my case
by sublimerulez July 02, 2005
the coolest most laid back band ever. btw: pawn shop, jailhouse, garden grove, what i got, santeria, wrong way, burritos, april 29 1992
man lets put on some SUBLIME cuz they rule
by sublimerules September 01, 2003
The single most talented band to come out in the last ten years. cut down in thier prime due to an O.D. even today over ten years later the continue to be played almost daily on the radio.

C.D.s 40 oZ. to Freedom, Robbin Tha Hood, Second-hand Smoke, Bradley Noel & friends: Sublime Acoustic, Stand by Your Van, and last but certainly not least Sublime Self-Titled.
Sublime kicks so much ass, R.I.P. Brad.
by Topamonster January 15, 2006
An awesome band from Long Beach California who's lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died of heroin overdose. They are an all out fun to rock out to band that can never be truly recreated, though great tribute bands like Badfish can be noted as good impersonations. They were famous not only for their original music and topics, but for their idiosyncrasies as well, Brad's dog Lou Dog, a dalmation, for example was often seen running around the stage at shows. Sublime will be forever remembered by its massive fanbase.
person 1: Whats a good band to listen to?
person 2: man, you gotta get some Sublime, theyre aweosme.
by lou dog went to the moon November 28, 2006
the best band in the whole fuckin world r.i.p bradley everyone misses u and wed all kill to have u back well, he died at a hotel from a herroin o.d. hours after a concer great fuckin bad with great fuckin songs my favorites,what i got,santeria,wrong way,badfish,boss d.j.,dont push,djs,doin time,carress me down,garden grove,fuck,i cant even name them all theres too many but i love all of their songs the band consists of 4 members, brad nowell lead guitarist, eric wison bass player, bud gaugh the drummer,and of course louie and tobie dog their dogs louie died though,of old age : but sublime is the best band to ever come out of the lbc!
me:hey bro wanna listen to some sublime its awsome chill music.
friend:no they suck
me:fuck you you mother fuckin buttfuckin fucked in the head fuckin fuck up!
friend:nevermind then, sublime it is!
by mii mii mikey!!! July 23, 2006
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