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the end of the world, basically.
stupid person: !!! lets go to haverfordwest
clever person: lets not
by rosella January 29, 2005
really good band, shame the lead singer died. heroin, bad drug.
Yeah..best songs by sublime in my opinion are pool shark, what i got, sufer girl, santeria.
They did a couple of duos with no doubt such as 'saw red' and 'total hate'. their music is a mixture of punk, reggae and ska. great band.
clocks says half past one,
i have no sunglasses as i step into the sun,
there's no recollection of the evil things ive done,
my head feels like i must have had some fun,
what happened?
by rosella January 25, 2005
if you are not one you will not want to be associated with one or go to places/school or anywhere else with one.
If you are one you will be so sucked into the townie subculture you will think the 'different' are evil.
real townies have warped minds, they evolved from rats basically. To put it bluntly, you wouldn't want to bump into a townie in a dark alley.

key words/things to look out for:
burberry, von dutch, vicky pollard, year 7&8&9&10&11 kids soiled in make-up and bling, clubland cd's, cigarettes, wkd, 'whatevar' 'biatch' 'schlag' 'omg feck aff'

sounds like: when you have a sweet in your mouth, don't say the end of words. so if it was walking it would be walkin'

for their ears: blazin squad, khia, dj sammy, any trancy music. look out for music with no instruments.

piercings: ears, nose

intentions: evil

sex status: washed-up

exsist in: hundreds and thousands
two townie girls at the beach pass two non-townie boys.

girl:omg look at tha minga'
girl 2: e's a goffik!!!
girl: UH lets chopse 'im
by rosella January 25, 2005
wicked drum'n'bass duo that can only be appreciated properly through contemporary dance
one of their best songs- speechless.
by Rosella February 16, 2005
the word originates from the rosella and ben inc company. it basically means to cheat something or be cheated we just jazzed the word up geddit!
'cockroaches are such cheatery'

'omfg they over charged me. cheatery!!'
by rosella August 12, 2004
two hours go by, you wait for the plot to begin, the film ends.
it gets rave reviews and people rate it in their top 5 best ever films.
sorry, did i miss something?
two people stuck in one place, add a bit of music and slow emotion.
dude, thats the most moving film like ever.
by rosella January 29, 2005
a film about fish swimming around in the sea.
the word 'plot' springs to mind.
disney films are going down hill thanks to pixar.
hey lets all watch finding nemo
by rosella January 29, 2005

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