good songs... date rape what i got wrong way santaria burritos the best songs by them
sublime kicks ass
by sublime gurl July 22, 2003
Yes, a band, but used to mean terryifying, awe-inspiring, dwarfing. Scary, but a good kind of scary.
Seeing a tornado for real was sublime!
by beep April 23, 2005
the single most greeatest band of the 90s and present. its kinda sad that bradely nowell (the lead singer) died of a quote unquote accidentally drug overdose in his apartment in 1996.its kinda ironic that when he died he was in rehab. RIP bradley we all love you!
sublime may be the best band known to man and no one can say otherwise.
by rachel November 13, 2004
A band with a large pop-culture following and a strong cult-following. Usually associated with stoners and the laid back.
Person 1: Wanna go get high?
Person 2: Sure...let's put some Sublime in, then.
by DBNP May 27, 2003
A band from Long Beach California that combined many different genres of music including:

-Hip Hop

Their lead singer Brad Nowell died of a heroin overdose in 1996, and the band no longer exists.
I was listening to some Sublime last night, and man was I fuckin' FRIED.
by Charmane May 01, 2007
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