the greatest band ever and a huge inspiration to other musations
by dan April 30, 2003
The greatest band that comes from the LBC. Consisted of 4 members, Bradley (deceased :-(), Bud, Eric and Lou Dog (deceased :-( )
Sublime is the best! w0o0o0
by Tiffany November 16, 2003
"(i kno who u are by ur choice of songs)"

you are a fag. music isn't defined by how "popular" it is, or by who listens to it (or at least it shouldn't be). Sublime is an awesome band no matter what song they're singin. I like Santeria, What I got, and Wrong Way, although my favorite songs are Ebin, Garden Grove, and April 29. Nevertheless, best ska-punk band out there.
"Man, I could die listenin to Sublime"
by willy April 07, 2005
A punk, reggae, ska, rock, alternative, hip hop, dub, acoustic, garage, and surf band from Long Beach, CA. No one has ever been able to put their music into one genre or catagory. Sublime is the best band in the entire world; no one even comes close to them. Sublime consists of 3 members; Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson, and Bud Gaugh. (4 members if you include Lou Dog.) Some of my favorite Sublime songs are:::: Prophet, What Happened, Bad fish, Let's go get stoned, Farther I go, New Song, New Realization, Romeo, Get Out,Boss DJ, Wrong Way, All you need, 5446 That's my number/Ball and Chain, and Falling Idols. Every single Sublime song is amazing.
Sublime is key, and will always be key! Sublime truely is "sublime"
#brad #nowell #eric #bud #lou #long beach #california #gwen #stefani
by 5446lbc November 30, 2006
Best band ever.

Brad was an inspiration to many of his fans and to many musicians of today. His music, his life, and most of all his passion will never be forgotten.
carress me down wrong way
by butthead101 August 10, 2005
A FUCKING AMAZING band of the 90's.. lead singer brad nowell (died in 97). laid back and sang about real life shit. the most layed back feel good music ever.
if u dont like sublime ur crazy
#reggae #ska #punk #brad nowell #santeria
by goodfuckinmusicman December 07, 2005
A real down ass band. Bradley Nowell, the lead guitar/singer, wrote amazing lyrics about stuff everyone can relate to and really brought out the laid back chill attitude of southern california. they're music is positive,real and unique. There has been no other band quite like them. They loved their dog Lou Dog.
Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Long Beach Dub Allstars, and Oar are all around because of SUBLIME.

by down ass bitch March 20, 2005
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