have intercourse with, fill (an orifice)
I stuffed that chick last week
I stuffed her cunt twice and her asshole once before she passed out drunk
by Prp Guy March 31, 2006
A word to define personal belongings and just about anything else in this wonderful world of ours. If it is of someone else's possession it is no longer stuff but shit, and if it belongs to your exgirlfriend, it is now crap.
My stuff is the most kick-ass stuff in the world.
by Tyler May 14, 2005
To have aggressive sexual intercourse with a woman.
I stuffed Veronica last night.
by Robert McGillicuddy March 16, 2010
In prison, a man who's sexually claimed or owned by another man through assault, pressure, persuasion or mutual consent and now belongs to his owner as part of the owner's property.
Don't mess with the new kid. Big Joe turned him out and he's Joe's stuff now.
by bxmuscle March 12, 2008
A lot like meh, can be used for just about anything. If you're annoyed, just keep saying stuff and the person will go away.
So, let's play handball! Wanna come?
No, I got some stuff to do.
What stuff?
Tell me!
Just stuff, okay?!?
Okay, well, bye!
by Catsoup June 11, 2010
Stuff: (n) Stuh - f. Hot or otherwise terribly attractive asian women.
Vahn got some much Stuff last night!
by m0sEs March 04, 2008
1. the stuff that's on Gabby's computer.
Gabby (whispers): OMG, There's stuff on my internet!
Me (whispers): what stuff?
Gabby (whispers): there's stuff on my internet...
Me (whispers): what stuff?
Gabby (whispers): on my FAVORITES...there's STUFF..
(Gabby's eyes bug out)
Me (whispers): Whose stuff?
Gabby (whispers) : it's not MY stuff...it's not good stuff, neither. I feel that I've lost like ten percent of my innocence...there's STUFF...
by vaettermaiden January 23, 2005

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