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The most badass thing you can put in your mouth.
It took me 3 minutes trying to think of an example before writing this.
by oh shit i'm dead February 05, 2005
What REAL men puff. That...and a pipe.
Smoke your cockarette, and look like a poor-ass. Wh' m' pi' gon'?
by Gumba Gumba April 07, 2004
The only phallic shaped object you can put in your mouth and look even manlier.
He earned his man card lookin' bad ass with that cigar.
by BDU March 10, 2009
If you put a lollipop in your mouth and smoke was coming from the other end, that is a cigar. Best thing in the world to build up your immune system.
Light me up cigar, I'm craving some good medicine.
by Hermie Greenleaf February 13, 2008
object bill clinton used to penetrate monica lewinski. he later proceeded to smoke it.
she totally got cigarred in the oval office!
by Darly Shelab April 04, 2009
A cigar is a bundle of tightly rolled dried and fermented tobacco. There are many different sizes and shapes, known as the "vitola". The most common shape is the "Corona", known also as a "Parejo".
"I will have a Montecristo No.7 cigar please".
by Afficiando May 04, 2009
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