This is a word used by Miss 12 O'Clocks for the female genitalia.
My friend's going to beauty school so I let her shave my stuff--but I didn't know there'd be an audience!
by sky April 27, 2005
a japanese way of describing a plural of ' stuff '. however, stuff is already plural, but it being a plural noun, if there are more than one item as part of ' stuff ' , then people will add an s.

my japanese friend taka explained this to me.
I have a bunch of stuffs for sale. can you buy them ?
by mattback February 24, 2004
verb, sports term. To block a scoring attempt, or to block a player with a fair amount of force so as to stop them in their tracks.
"Kobe goes for the easy lay-up... and is completely stuffed by Shaq!"
by Tengu March 31, 2005
The real stuffs is the good stuffs, meaning, you know you got the stuffs. When you have the stuffs, then you got the top quality, whether it be green or white, natural or man made, the finest stuffs.
That guys, he sells the real stuffs.
by fbza October 19, 2007
The word that can substitute everything. Very often used by peoples, is usually used for something you don't know what its called, can be sexual
Do you want to come over to y house tonight and do fun stuff?
Fine lets go and do stuff!

His stuff was so small!!
by katy explains December 10, 2013
Semen, Spunk, Cum
I accidently got some stuff in my partner's eye when I was playing around last night.
by digirampage February 26, 2009
A word used either to repeat a word that you've already said or to suggest that there is a large amount of other things that you just don't want to bother listing.
1) I'm going to go the the movies and stuffs.
2) I love you and stuffs!
by doomydoomdomm November 06, 2011

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