acronym. Stands for Shit That Undertakes Financial Flounderings.
Anything that is not a needed item, a luxury item, esp. an accumulation of items that one does not use, and could get money for them.
There is so much STUFF in my closet. After so many years of impulse buying, I must have over 1000 items in my STUFF inventory.
by Boggler March 18, 2005
Other word for condoms.
girlfriend: Hey honey, I bought new stuff....
by C14 August 06, 2004
A popular men's magazine featuring pornography.
Did you see that hot chick in Stuff?
by Jon June 05, 2003
The slang term for marjuana in any form.
"HEY! your smoking my stuff!"
by 6670082 October 24, 2007
to fill someone with lead from a gun shot
yo b someone need to stuff osama bin laden
by chicago finest January 22, 2005
1.) One's expertise, skill an knowledge in a particular subject.
2.) Big fuzzy and or jelly blob.
3.) ...
4.) Padding in fabrics, clothes, and chairs. Various vegtables and bread placed in hollowed out meats.
5.) The act of stuffing, putting in padding and/or food.
6.) With hot in front of stuff, it means totally sweet and or awesome, and or sexy and or hunky.
7.) With the word "right" in front of stuff, it means having skill and knowledge, esp. skill and knowledge in ninjas. Also, some astronaut movie based after some book or something, which is weird, because I don't remember it being about ninjas.
1.) Gee Billy, you know your stuff!
2.) The green stuff of doom ate Billy.
3.) Put that away, Billy!
4.) Billy's cat pulled out all the stuff from the sofa.
5.) I stuffed Billy's mouth with Deep fried Mars Bars.
6.) I think Billy is hot stuff!
7.) Mad props to Billy, who has the right stuff.
by The Great December 14, 2004
anything, just stuff
what kind of stuff? belly button lint?
by cory December 04, 2004

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