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Bullet; see slugs
Fill yo ass wit lead
by AC June 02, 2003
98 36
bullets fired from a gun, gun shots
If you don't watch your back you will get hit with lead.
by The Return of Light Joker October 01, 2007
64 41
It can be used to describe somthing that is "old" or "broken".
"Dude that bike is lead"
by chippy009 May 27, 2006
38 26
A joke that gets no response. Contraction of the phrase a'lead balloon'.
that's a lead, bro
by Dint Garrison August 11, 2003
32 27
A fun, spunky, and very talented Japanese pop group made up of four boys: Hiroki Nakadoi, Akira Kagimoto, Keita Furuya, and Shinya Taniuchi.

They are giant dorks who deserve much love for their hilarious antics. <3

Lead (pronounced leed) are also associated with w-inds. and FLAME, and are under the same record label/management company (Flight Master and Pony Canyon). Collectively, they are known as wFL.
Lead are teh secks. Especially when crossdressing.
by blackroseasylum July 03, 2005
67 71
1- Fr3nsyc's favourite community member. 2- The sexiest man since Antonio Banderas.
You ain't no Lead', you is a Lud baby!
by Hyland October 30, 2003
2 7
A "lead" is a slang term describing a black guy and is short for lead suspect. If something bad happens, you can usually thank a lead...
Chris: Hey Nick, I think some leads have been here...

Nick: How come?

Chris: Cause a bunch of shit is missing!!!
by Nagdraggin09 March 14, 2009
14 23