1920's and 30's version of "pigs", slang word for the cops.
"Cheese it boys, it's the Squirrels!" said Johnny Bankrobber.
by Beer Wolf April 10, 2005
Grey or red bushy-tailed rodent.
My pet squirrel, Squirrely is featured on the Trident commercials, look for him
by Saints September 25, 2003
a person who only contributes to a groupme and not a real life conversation.
person 1: who is that girl in the corner?
person 2: oh, that's the group squirrel. she doesn't talk in real life, only online.
by lord of the bananas April 21, 2015
Unit of measurement used to relate emotional distance.

NOTE: This is a relative distance per individual and can be used in a positive or negative sense.
1) My girlfriend and I are so close, we're probably less than one squirrel away at any given moment.

2) I feel like my best friend from second grade is a million squirrels away when I think about him.
by Mister Cameo May 09, 2012
a black man, woman, or child
"This place is crawling with squirrels!"
by ryu-chan April 26, 2012
a way of turning or running away if you dont want to kiss someone and pretending to see a squirrel and or chase it (works for me). Like if its a gross guy.....
Brandon: "Kiss me."
Maria: "Ummmmmm.....Squirrel!!!!!" (Looks to side and runs)
Brandon: Wuhhh??
by snarglylurb January 18, 2012
The act of being distracted, drawn away from something
Friend 1: So when and where are we going?
Friend 2: We are leaving at 3pm to go to... (looks to his/her side) OH!! SQUIRREL!!!!
by Hibiki Hanks January 17, 2012
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