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Any cop too stupid to realize that no one calls them pigs anymore because that's old news. If you find yourself in the situation needing to alert others that the squirrels are comin' to get you, you may distract them with the relatively new term, and also some neighborhood dogs as well if you're lucky.
Squirrel!! Put that shit out!!! Run Dammit!!!
by whoever_you_want_me_to_be December 17, 2009
2 2
a person who always shows up when someone has weed but NEVER has any to contribute. This person may also upcharge friends and pinch their bags when their acting as middleman. EVERYBODY knows at least one of these people.
this kid I know Scott is the biggest squirrel. He took a hit bigger than any of us and didn't even throw in.

Hey man, I hope Scott isn't at your house- I was gonna bring some uberdanks over and smoke you out but he alwaya squirrels his way into the rotation.
by MastaBlasta420 September 21, 2009
2 2
any small, hyperactive woodland creature that belongs to the order "Rodentia" and the family "Sciuridae" that is bent on world domination and stealing nuts and seeds and "incidently" forgetting where they hid them. they team up with other small, beady eyed animals on their hysterical plot.
squirrels, hamsters, cockatiels, mice! they all have hypnotic powers in their beady brains. why else do they make ppl swerve off the road or become road kill in the end?
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 18, 2005
12 12
Grey or red bushy-tailed rodent.
My pet squirrel, Squirrely is featured on the Trident commercials, look for him
by Saints September 25, 2003
8 8
A lady's pubic hair from the age 50+
Gemma's squirrel was getting out of hand, needing a bloody good trim.

Very dry, coarse and grey (much like a grey squirrel's fur/coat).
by TheFlyingBadger May 28, 2012
1 2
a black man, woman, or child
"This place is crawling with squirrels!"
by ryu-chan April 26, 2012
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a way of turning or running away if you dont want to kiss someone and pretending to see a squirrel and or chase it (works for me). Like if its a gross guy.....
Brandon: "Kiss me."
Maria: "Ummmmmm.....Squirrel!!!!!" (Looks to side and runs)
Brandon: Wuhhh??
by snarglylurb January 18, 2012
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