13 definitions by Rook

a real Casanova, a Ladies Man. The Red Rose between the teeth sort of Dude, A PHD Honours Gaduate in Computer Science who enjoys pissing off the lowly.
Aaawwwwwww DocPc I Luv Ya
by Rook March 06, 2003
One who has no sexual preference whatsoever and would just as soon screw a tree as a girl. In fact, many auritras WOULD rather screw an inanimate object than a human being to nullify their fear of sexual rejection.
Is that auritra over there humping that TI-89?
by rook December 06, 2004
a poop-head know-it-all who frequently uses the word "obviously".
After acing the calculus test, Auritra leaned back in his chair and said, "Obviously."
by rook November 15, 2004
An backwardly immoral person, that frequents chatrooms and forums. A Meatwad or Meatloaf lookalike.
He is Larommi !!!
by Rook March 03, 2003
Chubby little nut-munchers.
Fuck, that chubby little tree rat ate my mixed nuts! Let's fucking kill it!
by Rook November 08, 2003
Expel snot and shit from your nostrils at 200 fucking miles an hour.
Oh fuck! That guy just put a fucking hole in my coat with his sneeze! let's fucking kill him!
by Rook November 08, 2003
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