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probably the single best thought out advertising campaign in history

moonpig! moonpig! moonpig.com!

fucking poetry
moonpig makes me cut myself and throw my blood at the television
by Tomomomomomomom March 13, 2008
Verb - to hide booze/drugs in the vicinity of a party to consume later. If you can remember where you left it then you're in a fit state to drink/take it. If not then it lies there to be discovered by some lucky partygoer/bastard at a later date. Though it sounds easy there is much more skill involved in a good squirrel than you think.
'Dude, we've run out of booze/drugs/wotsits'
'don't worry man, I squirrelled some in that old fridge in the park'
'there is no fridge in the park'

*the months pass*

'check out this shit, someone must have squirrelled it'
'nice, well it's ours now'
by Tomomomomomomom March 13, 2008

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