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wear you rap you penis around ur balls, into the shape of a squirrel...invited by chance mcgrath
yo chance stop doing the squirrel, i'm trying to masterbate to the pictures of your mom
by Lil Schmidt ft Big G June 17, 2006
The "Squirrel" is where you swing your junk forward, and then catching it between your legs on the backswing. thus giving the effect of a squirrel from behind

I tried the Squirrel and ended up rupturing my scrotum
by rimmy87 October 02, 2007
douchebag group of guys, usually in year 11 who are complete cowards unless found in large numbers, or behind their computer screen. they usually enjoy attacking innocent girls for fun
the squirrels on their computer: you are a fucking slut lets go shoot up in the bathrooms

squirrel alone in person: *avoids eye contact and runs away*
by notsoshy August 07, 2010
The Action Of inserting your nuts in a girls vagina while fucking.
I can belive tom gave the girl The Squirrel
by Joey252life December 27, 2007
In an archaeological dig, men found a statue of a Squirrel. It was unclear when the Squirrel was made. The Squirrel is grey and is made of stone.

The Squirrel now resides in a cage in Ottawa, and is only freed when a score of 50 is acquired in the sport Flügenball.
Yesterday we got 104 hits in Flügenball. Do we get to see the Squirrel twice?
by A bird. January 18, 2010
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