something fat people wear, to keep the fat sucked in, and supposedly make them look skinny. buy them at torid ! people who wewar them, watch out, because you are easy to be made fun of. they are just elastic body shaped gloves that hold it all in.
ex. 1. oh my gosh, her spanks must be on too tights, shes crazy!

ex. 2. her spanks were so constricted, she bled.

ex. 3. when she bent over, i say her spanks peeking out.

ex. 4. man i am so fat, i need some spanks.
by Young Aplir M.O.A. October 18, 2007
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1. A disciplinary measure for children whereby the child is striken on the bottocks, either bared or clothed, with either the hand or an implement such as a wooden spoon.
2. A fetish were but consenting adults strike each other on the butt to induce sexual pleasure.
Al: <spanks Sally>
Def. 1: Sally cries.
Def. 2: Sally moans with pleasure.
by Anonymous October 08, 2002
1. To slap on the buttocks with a flat object or with the open hand, as for punishment.

2.Adults smack eachothers buttocks w/ flat object such as a belt for sexual pleasure.
1.Frank <spanks Lisa>
Lisa:: <crying>I won't ever do it again,daddy!!

2.Frank <spanks Lisa>
Lisa::<moaning> I've been naughty. Spank me harder,harder!
by YOURMOM March 23, 2005
1. masturbate
2. hit across buttocks as a disciplinary measure
3. to defeat soundly
1. "Man, I'm gonna spank to that Alisha Klass video tonight."
2. "Next time you spill your drink, I'll spank you."
3. "Brother, the Cowboys will completely spank the 49ers tomorrow."
by Jenesis October 01, 2005
What is feared as a kid, and usually desired by an adult.
Kid: No! I'll behave and be a good boy. Don't displine me!
Adult: Yes! I've been misbehaving and been a bad boy! Discipline me!
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 12, 2005
An alternative way of saying thank you.
"spanks for the ride!"
by chispa April 20, 2006
A sexual fetish act where a submissive woman's ass is playfully tanned by a dominant man for both their pleasure. However, if both the man and the woman aren't consenting adults, it becomes ABUSE and is ILLEGAL

Spanking can either be bare handed or with a spanking implement like a hairbrush

Spanking can either be over the knee or on a spanking horse. It can also be used as a non-sexual disciplinary measure.
My husband spanked me real hard yesterday night and I can't sit down today.

The hot chick I took home yesterday night was acting up so I took her in hand and spanked her sweet ass and she loved it.
by gguuyyguygguuyy January 16, 2010
1. Spank means to lay your hand on somebody at a high velocity.

2. Fictional drug in the video game "Grand Theft Auto 3".

3. A term meaning "very cool". The word spank is lesser known in this context, but has been used by the likes of Eddie on the show "Grounded For Life".
1. You gonna get spanked!

2. There's slangers dealing spank all over the streets of Liberty City.

3. That car is SPANK!
by Dope Slanger December 07, 2005

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