How you feel when you get an erection. A declaration that you have noticed an attractive woman. Similar to "schwing!"
-number one babe, Megan Fox...SPANK!
by Lettiere March 04, 2010
A unit of measurement of the homosexuality of a person. Often used in the context of 1-10 and abbreviated to Spks similar to Litres to L
1. Omg did you here about Max hes like gotta be at least 11 on the Spankometer.
2. "do you think Jesse is gay? asked Alanah "well hes gotta be atleast 3 spanks in my opinion" replied Grace.
by PaperKing April 07, 2015
1) An alliterative expression describing a physically stimulating hand gesture used, typically, by parents or guardians to punish children by striking usually the buttocks with an open palm. (Now outlawed in several jurisdictions.)

2) What painfaced, upright husbands of painfaced, uptight wives dream of doing to sassy, gum-chewing, headphone-wearing young girls (or boys) whose behavior or appearance stirs feelings of envy at having been prohibited the freedoms such youngsters enjoy, such feelings in turn stirring sexual responses that can only be fully released by inflicting on these objects of desire the same form of interdicting assault the aroused party suffered at the same early stage of development.
Patient: Doctor, I suffered awfully at the hands of my father - almost daily spankings.
Doctor: Hmm, I see, Mr Carruthers. Tell me, what is the first thing you think when I show you the cover of this Rihanna CD, "Music of the Sun"?
Patient (hands clenched, eyes flashing): Doctor, I want to spank her, yes, SPANK her!
by doonga June 11, 2013
smoking smarties by inhaling/exhaling the powder
kid1-hit me up with some spank ?

kid2-yea i got a whole pack of 'em last night
by snoops typo June 21, 2010
is not good. is, in fact, bad.
Roger: "Nate where those Playboys at?"
Nate: "Oh man, my Mom found out about em, canceled the subscription and burned the rest of em."
Roger: "Yo, that's totally spank."
by SlattsofNanook February 05, 2009
Synonymous with idiot, dumb-ass, or retard.
Joe looked like a spank when he wore that shirt.
by Deamo18 September 06, 2012
the meaning of a girl being
handled after spitting game
after kevin and naomi came out of the room we all knew that kevin spanked

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