the meaning of a girl being
handled after spitting game
after kevin and naomi came out of the room we all knew that kevin spanked
(adj.) denotes something or someone to be totally, awesome, cool, amazing, incredible or phenomenal
Max plays trumpet in the band- that is sooo SPANK!!!
by silly_girl.haha January 29, 2011
some drug in the video game grand theft auto 3.
here's your spank.
You got any spank?
by Freakazoid May 24, 2005
the act of hitting a small, scared, defenseless child on the ass, causing them severe pain, until they struggle, scream and cry, sometimes begging for mercy.
mean mother/father: i like causing you pain and watching you cry, so i'm gonna spank you!
child: NOO! please don't! I'll be good!
by a person who lives somewere December 12, 2008
spank is a word put into a sentence in replacement me another word. Just to give it effect.
student: miss can you put the board up a bit..? teacher: yes. (rolls down the board) student; ok, you can spank it up again!
by spankforest April 01, 2009
adj. A word for cool, amazing, or bro that is used by many black people and Dominic Neville

Synonyms: bro, awesome, chill

Antonyms: gay, boring, Aaron Purcell
Jim: "Holy shit thats sweet!"
Bob: "No, its chill"
Pat: "No........ Its spank"
by asswholeman October 09, 2010
a term used for saying something is very cool
Man this chick aleca's is so not spank.
Fuck this bitch aleca is so not spank
by Nick Bennett July 10, 2008
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