1.a spank to sort naughty children out with a hard flat palmed whack across the buttocks

2. a spank to give pleasure during the foreplay of sexual intercourse, due to the womans fetesh or desire of wanting to be punished and be spanked over the behind.
1.daddy spanks naughty child
'oh i wont do it agian i swer' *crying kerry.*

2.daddy spanks mummy
'ive been naughty hit me harder.' *sexual moans from belinda*
by spanky123 May 20, 2007
A slightly more classy word for having a wank. Due to its dual connotation can often be misinterpreted for laying down a smack.
Pillips: I sconse anyone who has had a spank today!

Keyworth: What? Giving or receiving?

by Hezbollah1 April 04, 2009
To hit one's buttocks for sexual pleasure; usually goes along with the fetish of one of the partners.
Ron: You've been a naughty girl, haven't you? *spank*
Amy: Mmmm... Yeah, I've been bad... Spank me harder... Ooooh...
by mphouz January 18, 2011
What naughty girls give instead of kisses.
by urban pervert March 15, 2003
something fat people wear, to keep the fat sucked in, and supposedly make them look skinny. buy them at torid ! people who wewar them, watch out, because you are easy to be made fun of. they are just elastic body shaped gloves that hold it all in.
ex. 1. oh my gosh, her spanks must be on too tights, shes crazy!

ex. 2. her spanks were so constricted, she bled.

ex. 3. when she bent over, i say her spanks peeking out.

ex. 4. man i am so fat, i need some spanks.
by Young Aplir M.O.A. October 18, 2007
To beat someone up. This word is said only for a beating that was given barehanded. Does not apply if you used a weapon or even worse, a gun. NYC slang
--They tried to rob that dude James after school on 173rd street so the next day he and his boys went back and spanked those goons that tried to jack him.
by TheBx41 September 17, 2012
How you feel when you get an erection. A declaration that you have noticed an attractive woman. Similar to "schwing!"
-number one babe, Megan Fox...SPANK!
by Lettiere March 04, 2010

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