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often used in place of "thank you," and resond to with "your rectum."
Here's your 'ritto.
Why, spank you!
Your rectum.
by Calo November 01, 2003
Spank you, a term used to show appreciation towards someone. A more fun way to say "thank you."
"Pass the salt please." *salt is passed* "Spank you.", "Spanks for picking me up from the mall."
by RoberTheLion April 19, 2010
It means thank you, but the cool way to say it.
Spankyou very muchly. - Thankyou very much.
by cazrew February 22, 2010
A term commonly used by males to waitresses to be funny. Usually is accompanied by a slap on the ass.
Guy 1. Dude I just said spank you to that waitress and got kicked out of the restaurant.

Guy 2. Nice
by JONNAY-D!!! June 09, 2010
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