To masturbate, as in spank the monkey
Nothin' like a good ol' dry spank.
by Anonymous November 02, 2002
1) To say something is awesome
Did you see that? It was totally spank.
by natsirt September 03, 2007
The use of a gun to shoot another person
"Yo why did you spank lil rob"?
"Dude got caught slippin and i had the burner on me so i had to spank dat pussy" !
by lil dev evil April 08, 2009
1.Anyone that steals an insult they find funny and continue to overuse it.
4.Everyone else who has posted in this thread.
Mcfatty and Chef are the main spanks
by Ooby June 04, 2005
The proper means of discipline for a child who misbehaves after a stern warning. Administered consistently, without brutality, a spanking helps shape a child's character, ensuring he or she will never grow up to be a selfish yuppie, an arrogant soccer mom, or a criminal.

Liberals love to pretend that there is no difference between a spanking and a beating, just like they pretend that there is no difference between responsible logging and the rape of the environment. They pretend to discipline their brats by giving them time outs, which only train a child to become a brat.
If you pull Kitty's tail again, Mama's going to spank you!
by Little Deby Big Boobs May 30, 2005
Trash talk; synonymous with and interchangeable with "smack"
"You talkin spank holmes?"
by Straight Cash December 05, 2007
To trip or fall in the street. To crash when on a bicycle, skateboard, jetski etc. resulting in a fall.
A pensioner trips on the curb and falls to the ground.
Onlooker shouts "SPANK!"
"I was doing rollerblade time trials in the park, but I hit a stone and spanked into the fountain."

by 655Paul August 30, 2007
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