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In chinook indians language means "the sun".
Also means:
You’re my honey-bunch
You’re my sweety-pie.
You’re my cuppy-cake
snookum snookum snore,
the apple of my eye.
Come'ere my snookum, let's get down to it.
by Wit September 01, 2004
Verbal sugar. Sick way of addressing someone close to you. Can be replaced by "bitsy-pookums".
"Oh, hello snookums!"
"Im a man, dammit!"
by HungryNoobivore January 07, 2010
when your friend wakes up sick and you feel bad,a word of love
aww poor snookum are u ok (katie)
by whitney & katie May 24, 2010
Can be a genuine endearing nickname, often with a gentle sarcasm or humor attached.

This word is annoying to some people and likely to make people near you sick when you use it. Especially if combined with physical affection.
"Aw snookums, you shouldn't have..."
by Aelder April 14, 2006
1. A word use to show endearment to someone you really want to piss off and then shoot in the head with a .22, then dump them off the side of a cliff while whistling "Hail to the Chief."
2. From the Latin origins of snook - meaning "super" and the Greek words ums - which means "duper"
3. To kill someone slowly and quietly in the dark..uh...I mean flower bearer...
4. Whatever the hell I feel like using it for.
"Hey snookums!"
"I hate you too."
by The Tfers October 29, 2004
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