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Large, suckable nipples that when erect are visible through clothing.
"Damn check out the gumdrops on that chick! You can see them across the room."
by Sylkki August 02, 2006
bell-shaped candy composed mainly of sugar

can also mean cute girl
That girl Becky is sure one sweet gumdrop.
by Vertigo January 08, 2004
To have someone without teeth or dentures go down on you and perform oral sex.
Dave: So I hear you started dating an octogenarian?

Joe: Yeah, she gives great gumdrops.
by Jordrake March 29, 2011
Refers to a new psychedelic drug. Either 25B-NBOME or 25C-NBOME. The effects are similar to a combination of mushrooms and extacy or mescaline and extacy. It lasts 6-8 hours and is very clean and euphoric with amazing visuals.
Dude those Gumdrops were awesome I was tripping balls.
by ciprianoalgor May 18, 2013
A Toothless Woman Dropping to her knees to perform Fellatio.
That Crack Ho is giving out Gum Drops for $25 a pop
by Burton Ernie aka JR Mason January 19, 2015
Adjective - 1. Stupid person, often addicted to crack.

2. Dumb bitch; whore.

3. Man whore

4. A delicious Candy made mainly of sugar :]
Ugh, that girl Audrey is such a gumdrop!
by * :O October 21, 2008
A girl who drops entirely too much Acid
"Omg did you see claire yesturday? She was up in a tree singing to the birds with oven mits on her hands!"

"Yeah thats why her nickname is Gum drop"
by whatsgooooood May 04, 2010
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