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usually used when something doesnt go the way you wanted it to...
i fucked a man... DAMMIT!
by krnidiot October 15, 2002
Contraction of damn it. Most often it is used when someone is generally pissed off at everything, it's worse than just saying the words separately.

blink182's most popular song.
The man almost got run over by a car, got into a fight with a trucker, broke up with his girlfriend, got fired, got arrested, got drunk, crashed his car, locked himself out of his house, and tried to climb in the window but fell off and broke his leg. When it started to rain, the man said DAMMIT!
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 18, 2003
1. Something Jack Bauer says alot.

2. A drinking game in which you watch 24 and drink every time Jack Bauer says "Dammit"
1. Jack: "Chloe I need you to track the suspects car via satellite."
Chloe: "Satellite's not up yet Jack"
Jack: "DAMMIT!!"

2. "Hey Bill 24's on tonight you want to bring a couple of shot glasses and some Jack Daniels?"
by Seth914 June 25, 2007
The back of a pin which is used to hold it in place. This term is primarily used in the military when dealing with pinning rank on a uniform as the dammits are easy to lose.
Dammit! I lost a dammit!
Hold the dammits while I pin this on.
by Fairady April 17, 2006
When the guess outlet store does not accept your guess-list card
Person 1- "Sorry sir, we do not accept guess list cards at the outlet store"

Person 2-"AH Dammit"
by mattm123 January 17, 2010
What people say when they are fucked in the ass (in the figurative sense). Often happens if they lose something important.
Dammit!!! I can't find my bottle of anti-diarrhea drink!!! How am I going to get through this interview??? Oh, no, not my vitamin C pills too!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!
by Bbobe26 June 12, 2011
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