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An expression of endearment, or when you feel like something is cute/sweet/touching/whatever

Something you have to say when you read this definition of dad. So sweet.
Me: Aww that song made me cry

Tyler: You're such a pussy
by tinkerbelll July 03, 2004
A word used to describe what girls think are anything cute, sweet, sad, good or bad.
Tommy: I miss you
Cindy: Aww...
by Cyber Ghost March 21, 2004
term of endearment; a reply to someones compliment or empathy.
your profile pic is soo nice!

awww, thanks!
by 092839444 December 04, 2011
Frequent positional typo of see. But since aww is also a word itself it can cause more confusion than others like kik
Person A : i didnt get home till like 3 last night
Person B : i aww
Person A : wtf??
by JiminyJoan September 26, 2010
An acronym that stands for 'Away Without Warning'. Most commonly used in an Instant Messaging program when one party needs to leave the conversation immediately.
Suzy was talking with a guy she met over the internet, when suddenly her boyfriend walked into the room. She quickly typed in AWW in the chat window and closed out, avoiding the obvious bad consequences of her boyfriend finding out about her internet friend.
by xXxEenaxXx January 07, 2010
Loud squawking noise. Compulsory reply to a cuss being made, usually regarding the diminutive size of a penis.

Often follows mpuh, but use after other insults is acceptable.
-5 nanometres long eh?
by Ass January 13, 2005
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