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2 definitions by Wit

In chinook indians language means "the sun".
Also means:
You’re my honey-bunch
You’re my sweety-pie.
You’re my cuppy-cake
snookum snookum snore,
the apple of my eye.
Come'ere my snookum, let's get down to it.
by Wit September 01, 2004
A person of female gender who's a poser that lacks individuality and copies someone else's traits/characteristics. One who whines incessantly and acts like a spazz which annoys people. She may also have green pimples and camel-toe. They are desperate and cling to any boy in sight who has just went through a break-up. Faux depression is very common amoung ho bisciuts.
Kim F. is the biggest ho biscuit in the world.
by Wit February 19, 2005