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to walk up behind someone shove them forcefully, usually on a sloped surface, and yell SNEAK. The most common move used in a sneak off.
He thought he was sneakier than me so i challenged him to a sneak off. I sneaked his ass
by GeniusFace September 14, 2006
a wicked, surprising, and/or funny, attack on another person or thing.
noun, adjective, or verb
after seeing some guy getting punched in the face..."that was a bad sneak"

Threat..."I'll sneak you"

"too sneaky"
by Larry December 03, 2003
Someone who sees all, and uses the internet to warn people of them being sneaked
"The sneak on myspace sneaked me!"
"dude who is it!?"
"i dont know!"
by YoungYulia September 14, 2006
a very good looking young woman
our next door neighbor is a sneak
by john w hodges August 11, 2005
Weird rat-like thing from Homestar Runner
"It's the Sneak!"
by Killy the Fox April 04, 2004
A redhaired I.T. wonderboy living in Detroit, MI. He's often seen insulting stupid people, hanging with DJs and writing code that makes life better.
One time, sneak and I blew bubbles at each other on opposing couches. It was gay.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
Discustingly heavy running shoes often worn by nerds. Most commonly used for running and jumping over things. Look best when worn with tight denim pants. Brooks is the largest sneak making company today.
"Yo! Where my sneaks"

"Bryan, I'll trade your La Coste shoes for my sneaks"
by taxidriver April 02, 2006