A person who goes places and does things they are not supposed to do without being detected.
Josh is such a Sneak, you know he went in the Robinson's backyard and stole their sons bike.
by Ace trick March 30, 2011
A double-crossing, slimy little shrew-like buccaneer.
Dez you sneaky little slime!
by vinny_R February 10, 2008
Slang used for shoes, typically in the ghetto
damn boy, y'all got some fresh sneaks!
by Nuggsta August 12, 2015
a lahoon, someone who is a mom of the sneak variety.
she's a sneaky lahoon
by thesneakiestsneak November 30, 2012
to remove a condom secretly from one's penis whilst fucking someone, to secretly bareback without the other person's knowledge, used most often with gay anal sex
This bottom boy told me to use a condom but I sneaked him and came in his ass
by Johnny Lick March 30, 2012
1. to smoke, to get high, derived from the phrase sneak-a-toke

2. a pipe/smoking device

3. weed, marijuanna, pot
"lets go around back and sneak"

"load up the sneak"

"did u pick up that sneak"
by Yeant August 02, 2006
Vagina, Pussy
Let me hit that sneak.
by Lucciinno December 16, 2009

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